Within the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Group, TERRALYS specialises in the overall management of organic waste. The company has a 30-year history in the treatment and recycling of organic waste from local authorities and industry. 

A key player in sustainable development,  TERRALYS collects and re-uses organic waste such as sludge (manure, liquid manure and sewage sludge), the fermentable portion of household waste (vegetable peelings, etc.), waste from the agri-food industry, green waste and agricultural waste (dregs, grape stalks, etc.).

This waste is either applied directly to the land or used to produce compost for soil conditioning for agriculture or landscape gardening.


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Pollutec - Opening of a composting plant in Guillonville, France

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Horizon Bio

Forming a real link between Terralys and its customers, Horizon Bio provides a multi-sector and professional approach to the issues it covers. 


In this issue: 

- "Regulations" section covering the carbon fund

- an overview of the NOSE programme

- an article on the use of organic soil conditioners in wine growing

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