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Article L255-2 of the French Rural Code specifies that the provisions for validation do not apply to "products for which standardisation according to the meaning of the Law of 24 May 1941 has been made mandatory".

Unlike the validation process, standardisation is undertaken collectively on a voluntary basis by the industry with the intention of achieving agreement on the characteristics of the products they wish to market. Naturally, to be made mandatory by a Ministerial Order, the content of the standard must fulfil the authority's requirements.

Therefore the scope of standards covering fertilising materials which have not been made mandatory is very limited.

To date, two mandatory standards apply to compost from residual organic by-products:

  • French standard NFU 44-051 covers products manufactured from plant and animal waste and urban compost manufactured from household waste.
  • French standard NFU 44-095 covers sludge-based compost and was validated in May 2002. The Decrees enacted to set this standard on a mandatory basis were signed on 18 March 2004 and appeared in the French Official Gazette on 27 March 2004.


You can obtain these two standards from AFNOR:

As for validated products, the constancy of the composition of standardised products is set in the Order of 16 june 1980

The minimum checks to be carried out for public health and environmental safety are specified in the the Order of 5 september 2003.