Software for monitoring sludge application and composting

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Software for monitoring sludge application and composting

ecran_GEPAN.jpgThe IT department at Terralys developed its GEPAN® and WINTRACE® software programmes based on its experience on the ground. They are used to manage traceability in sludge application and composting.

GEPAN®, sludge application management software

GEPAN® includes all the information on the agricultural land and the types of organic waste used for spreading. GEPAN® manages the products in batches to ensure total traceability in the sludge application sector.

Using DGPS technology, sludge applications are recorded electronically. The agricultural land parcels are then automatically displayed in a GIS system.
The software handles:

  • soil and sludge analysis data,
  • the coordinates for the land parcels, georeferenced by GPS,
  • delivery dockets.

The reports produced by GEPAN® include the monitoring results (soil analyses, cumulative data for 10 years, etc.), the provisional schedule, sludge application records, etc.

Wintrace®, composting management software

WINTRACE® is designed to provide optimum management of a composting facility.

WINTRACE® backs up day-to-day management: unfailing traceability, covering the complete process, from weighing the trucks to the sale of the product, regardless of the type of waste entering the site.
The IT connection and a barcode reader facilitate data input.

WINTRACE® can be used at all stages of treatment:

  • to weigh the waste and print tickets,
  • to manage incoming products,
  • to monitor production and to create batches of compost,
  • to dispose of compost.

Wintrace and GEPAN also provide the statutory reports required by the regulatory authorities.

TERRALYS provides quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the biological re-use of your organic waste using these IT systems.


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