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The regulatory system covers the biological re-use of urban or industrial organic waste under either waste or products.
Agriculture is the main market for products manufactured from organic waste.

They can be used:

  • on cultivated areas of land: the fertiliser parts of the compost are used for crops, which will be exported for growth and development;
  • on the soil. Biological soil activity produces humus, which is vital for soil stability and fertility. For the sector to be sustainable over time, sludge application must be subject to strict controls to ensure traceability.

There are hypothetical cases according to the type of product.

In France, the applicable regulations are either:

  • the RSD (French Departmental Health Regulations),
  • the 1992 water law,
  • the 1976 ICPE law (on Classified Facilities for the Protection of the Environment),

unless the product, compost for the most part, complies with a standard that has been made mandatory, French Standard NF U44-095, or unless the product is subject to validation according to the Order of 21 December 1998 and the Guide of 22 March 1999 for the constitution of approval files.

If the product is standardised or validated, the regulatory requirements for sludge application no longer apply. The product can be freely used or sold.
In all cases, the regulations applicable to the compost are those that apply to the raw materials used in its production.