Regulations for local authorities

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Regulations for local authorities

Sewage sludge application:

Land application of sewage sludge is regulated in the general framework of the legislation governing waste, which sets forth the main guidelines. The legislation concerned is:

The two main texts governing sewage sludge application in France are:

  • Decree no. 97-1133 dated 8 December 1997 (fully repealed and codified in Book II of the Environment Code) 
  • The Order of 8 January 1998: This Order sets forth the terms and conditions for the studies to be carried out prior to application of the sludge


The Circular dated 18 April 2005 specifies a number of regulatory points relative to sewage sludge application.


The Order dated 2 February 1998 specifies the terms and conditions for sludge application and sets out:

The content of the preliminary study, the advantage for agriculture of the sludge and the concept of environmental protection. All sludge application is subject to the completion of a preliminary study, which is included in the impact study. The GOVERNMENT can use a body independent from the producer to set up a monitoring mechanism for the agricultural sludge application


Composting of organic waste


Composting of household waste is covered by the Order of 17 January.


This Order defines the terms enforcing the Order of 2 February 1998 in the particular case of composting facilities that require notification. This text is part of the transposition into French law of Council Directive 86/278/EEC of 12 June 1986 regulating the use of sewage sludge in agriculture. This directive applies to all sludge, both sewage and industrial.


It makes reference to Law 92-3 of 3 January 1992 on water, as well as to the general regulatory framework for sewage sludge application: Decree no. 97-1133 of 8 December 1997. It is also part of the legislative framework regulating waste.