Our business lines

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Our business lines

controle_qualite.jpgTerralys plays its part in preserving the ecosystems and biodiversity. Biological re-use stands out as a sustainable treatment solution in response to the economic, societal and environmental challenges posed by the management of organic waste.

Terralys offers an integrated and multi-sector range of solutions:

  • dewatering,
  • composting (design, building and operation of plants),
  • thermal drying,
  • biological re-use (research, operation and marketing),
  • mechanical-biological processing of residual household waste


While each region adopts its own particular position with regard to the re-use or disposal of organic waste, TERRALYS offers dedicated solutions to meet the challenges facing its local authority customers and industry, in terms of regulatory requirements and society's needs.
The company is backed by a solid core of expertise acquired during the construction and operation of many composting facilities for the treatment of sludge, using all systems and technologies: composting, dewatering, drying, complementation, etc.

informatique.jpgThere is a wide range of technologies available to Terralys engineers: from traditional solutions, such as composting by windrow turning to modern plants for composting and sorting.
Terralys also mobilises its suppliers and their technologies to optimise its response to customers' requirements.

Backed up by its expertise and the range of technologies at its disposal, Terralys provides dedicated solutions.